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Interview with NRA News Cam & Co. about KRRC gun range being shut down

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Western Shooting Journal interviews gun control activist Francois Andouille

Western Shooting Journal editor Rachel Alexander convinced Francois Andouille, the author of “Responsible, Safe People Ban Firearms Words” and “Let’s Ditch Firearms Phrases Together” to come on the show and see if the gun industry and gun control movement could find common ground.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club members speak out against proposed ordinance against gun club

Kitsap Rifle Club members speak out against proposed ordinance
Rachel Anne Seymour
11:45 AM, Jul 31, 2014

SILVERDALE — More than 50 people offered almost three hours of testimony at a public hearing for Kitsap County’s proposed gun range ordinance Wednesday afternoon.

Most spoke against the ordinance, arguing that it is unnecessary, would not increase safety and would force clubs to close. Nearly all of the people who spoke against the ordinance were representatives or members of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club.

Marcus Carter, KRRC executive director, was a member of the committee assigned to write the ordinance. In a 4-1 vote, the committee voted to present its ordinance to the county commissioners in April. Carter voted against it.

The committee also included representatives from Poulsbo Sportsman Club and Bremerton Trap and Skeet, one resident of each county commissioner district, and representatives of county government.

The proposed ordinance would require gun ranges to apply for five-year operating permits with the county. The initial application requires a safety plan, which must be evaluated by a National Rifle Association adviser, and an emergency plan.

Ranges also will be required to submit facility layouts and designs of shooting configurations.

For noise control, the ordinance states “a shooting facility may implement any or all of the following noise controls:” Limiting hours; erecting baffles to reduce or redirect noise; planting trees or foliage to absorb noise; installing noise barriers or insulation; using firearm silencers; or other engineering controls as deemed feasible.

KRRC member Charles Ely asked the commissioners, “why have you deemed it necessary to require an operation permit and why do you somehow think it contributes to public safety?”

Ely argued that the purpose ordinance was not safety, but to curtail the activities of KRRC, which has been in a legal battle with the county since September 2010.

Several members of Poulsbo Sportsman Club spoke at the hearing, stating they support the ordinance.

Poulsbo Sportsman Club Vice President Jim Reynolds told the commissioners “the committee proposal is the fairest approach that meets the broadest needs of the community.”

Reynolds said the requirements are “not excessively burdensome or unreasonable.”

Poulsbo Sportsman Club President Doug O’Connor, who noted he also is a member of KRRC, said: “There is nothing intended in this ordinance that would cause anything to shut down a club.”

Tom Hamilton, Bremerton Trap and Skeet Club president, said he wanted the commissioners to be aware that too much regulation would end up costing the nonprofit clubs too much. He pointed out that the commissioners also have the option of doing nothing with the ordinance.

Neighbors of KRRC spoke out in favor of the ordinance or some other form of gun range regulation, saying that they believe bullets have left the club’s range.

KRRC members denied that rounds have left their facility.

The proposed ordinance has not yet been placed on an agenda for a county commissioners meeting, a requirement before it can be voted on.


By passing this ordinance you will hurt the gun clubs and cause more of their current members to not shoot there but they will still shoot. They will go on adjacent DNR lands in both Kitsap and Mason County and do their target shooting there instead. DNR's rules are simple, you must shoot into an earthen embankment, not on or across roads or trails, you can only use commercially manufactured targets and cannot shoot during hours of darkness. So go ahead and pass this ordnance and then enjoy living with these much less restrictive rules. DNR would love to get all target shooters to shoot at one of the commercial ranges since it is much safer! 
I urge your county commissioners to think twice before passing this or a similar ordnance since you might just create a bigger problem for yourself. BTW, I am NOT a member of any gun club, I target shoot on DNR lands.....

A new permit every five years insures that county will receive a new funding source, and can again attack the gun ranges every five years to test the waters of gun control and of course necessarily increase cost of permits each five years as cost of doing business.

"Neighbors of KRRC spoke out in favor of the ordinance or some other form of gun range regulation, saying that they believe bullets have left the club’s range." 
One person spoke about how a bullet was shot originating at KRRC, glanced off a rock, deflected into the air, then came down hitting his house. Everything here is speculation and assumptions. 
1. The person never had a bullet to support the fact this is was the cause. 
2. Even if he could produce the bullet, how is it he would know it glanced off a rock. 
3. With all the open land between KRRC and the house, it is known that people will go out into this open area to target practice. How can he say for sure, if there was a bullet, that it actually came from KRRC. 
He's probably raising unicorns in the backyard too!

Looking at Google Earth looks like the first home inline with the high power rifle range is well over a mile away, up hill, through heavily wooded terrain. 
Noise should not be an issue, since state law exempts gun ranges from noise nuisance lawsuits. So that leaves safety. Is the "safety" concern with the homeowners to the left, right or behind the gun range, because I just don't see any "in front" of the firing line. 

Speaking of noise-- How is it that the expensive sound experts, hired by the County (and paid for, of course, by you and I) ,despite their best efforts, could not provide any "conclusive" results to support the claims of CK Safe and Quiet about excessive noise reaching their properties. If there is no excessive or nuisance noise that can be measured at the "affected" locations, then what is to be gained from mandating expensive measures to contain sounds at the shooting ranges, and how would any "reduction" of the nuisance sounds be measured when they were not there in the first place?

Shame on the other gun clubs. Are they just reacting to Marcus Carter's opposition to the ordinance by supporting it? This is the time when the clubs should be standing together, shoulder to shoulder, because what happens to one WILL happen to all. That's a fact, Jack...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Deputy Sheriffs so furious at gun-grabbing Democrat Kitsap County Prosecutor, they issue strong anti-endorsement statement

It's looking really bad for the gun-grabbing Democrat Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Hauge. When the own police that you have to work with on a daily basis, come out with a statement that basically says "anyone but you," you know it's time to go.

 "The prosecutor's office is a mess and Hauge is responsible for that," Guild president Jay Kent said. :We are not going to get the office’s problems fixed until he leaves the office."

Read the full anti-endorsement here. I've been covering Hauge's 15-year long unwarranted harassment of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club. Please spread the word, this tyrant needs to be voted out of office, and I recommend conservative Bruce Danielson to replace him.

Kitsap Sun endorses gun-grabbing Democrat prosecutor Russ Hauge for reelection, residents furious

Incumbent Russ Hauge
Conservative Bruce Danielson
Unbelievable. I grew up in this county, and for the last 15 years, this covered last week in a candidate forum, Russ Hauge is a terrible prosecutor who needs to be booted out of office. Read about his 15-year vendetta against the gun club which I wrote about here. Even the Kitsap Sun admits all the problems with his office, so why did they still endorse him? Very odd. Support conservative Bruce Danielson instead. The establishment is not supporting him, especially the establishment lawyers - which tells you everything you need to know. Here are some of the better comments after the article:

cdwh14 Hours Ago
Kitsap Sun - I can only figure that your lack of investigative reporting is the basis of your endorsement of Hauge. How about a little reporting on the lack of a contract for the Sheriff's Deputies? How about some explanation to the public on what Title V is? Where is the outrage over a current deputy prosecutor with two DUI arrests (the second with her kids in the car and she crashed into another car), how about an explanation over the fact that the citizens of Kitsap County elect judges, and then when Hauge gets a ruling that he doesn't like, he files a blanket affidavit of prejudice against that judge to teach them a lesson. So in essence, he eliminates your vote when he has a tantrum over a judge's decision. He believes that he is a higher level of government and can trump other elected officials that we all vote for. And 15 years going after that gun club? Who cares!?! An office that can wield that much power is not the office for someone who can maintain a 15 year grudge. He is out of touch with reality! Sun Reporters - he can not affidavit you - you do not need to be afraid of him.

33 Minutes Ago
Danielson being rated as "unqualified" is a farce strategically done by Hauge subordinate deputy prosecutors who also belong to the KBA. Bruce is an attorney with 30 years of law practice. GOOD GRIEF!!

11 Hours Ago
What about the feud with Hauge and his neighbor over property views? What was the final out come?
10 Hours Ago
The neighbor (a non-lawyer) won handily. The adversary was slapped down and made to suffer the public humilation. Do you think that the Sun purposely omitted this tidbit of legal woe, which was prominent in the news at the time, regarding their endorsement? But of course.

15 Hours Ago
When more than 50% of Mr. Hauge's cash campaign contributions come from his subordinate employees and their spouses (questionable ethics at best), the Kitsap Sheriff Deputies Guild just came out with an 'anti-Hauge' endorsement decision (no contract in 4 years), Hauge has persecuted Marcus Carter for 15 years (and then goes after the club too), allows DCD to run amuck of citizen's rights with Title V, employs a revolving jail house door strategy for repeat offenders in Kitsap County, and even this week the public finding out that the Prosecutor's office is subcontracting with a firm that uses their logo to threaten people over $50 bounced checks... and the Kitsap Sun endorses him. WOW!! Just WOW!!

1 Hour Ago
HAHAHA! The KS editorial board thinks the current prosecutor can "balance existing operations and staff with the need renew the community's trust?" Oh, you crack me up! The current prosecutor has had HOW MANY YEARS to keep public trust? And he's failed! Badly. And worse every year. And you think he can renew that trust? You live in a fantasy world.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Forum: Three Vie to Replace Gun-Grabbing Democratic Prosecutor Russ Hauge

Bruce Danielson
Incumbent Russ Hauge
Tuesday night I watched a forum with the four candidates running for Kitsap County Prosecutor, in the county where I grew up, just outside of Seattle. It was apparent to me that all three of the challengers saw an opportunity to defeat the Democrat incumbent, Russ Hauge, primarily due to his 15-year selective targeting of a local gun club, which I wrote about here.

I am supporting conservative challenger Bruce Danielson, who is running as an Independent. There is a Republican in the race, public defender Tina Robinson, but she seems rather unsure of the issues and doesn't have a realistic chance at winning. Danielson, on the other hand, almost beat Hauge four years ago.

The forum began with opening statements. Hauge, who was dressed in an expensive suit and shiny yellow tie, immediately came across as arrogant. His opening statement seemed to consist of nothing but bragging, “I can do this job, I've been doing it for 20 years.” Then he rambled incoherently about “therapeutic courts,” which lost everyone’s attention.

Robinson said in her opening statement that she is running for the position because she has observed many abuses in the prosecutor’s office under Hauge, from overcharging and undercharging to abuse of resources and lack of compassion for the victims.

Bruce Danielson said he has more experience than any of the candidates, including the incumbent, in a broader range of areas. He said to judge the current prosecutor using the facts. Since Hauge took office, recidivism rates in Kitsap County have increased more than 400%! Meanwhile, the rest of the state has been undergoing a DECREASE in recidivism.  Hauge claims that he’s been endorsed by all the county leadership, but Danielson called him out, saying that’s not accurate. The Kitsap County Sheriff's Guild has been without a contract since 2009! There have been findings of unfair labor practices by the prosecutor’s office as well as unlawfully withholding documents. One prosecutor conducted ex parte contact with a judge. This isn’t just about the gun club, Danielson said, this is about our chief law enforcement officer alienating officers on the streets. There have been 13 DUIs and nothing was done about them until now.

Scales criticized Hauge in his opening statement for acting as an administrator, not hands on. Referring to Hauge targeting the gun club over spite, Scales said, “temperament is important, you can't make decisions based on anger, resentment or bitterness. As a prosecutor, you can't take things personally. As soon as you do, you lose the respect of the people. The current prosecutor makes the same mistakes he made 20 years ago, over and over again.”


Robinson said the most urgent public safety issue is the drug problem, especially heroin. Scales, sounding like a moral relativist, said it depends on your perspective. Hague said the most urgent issue is mental illness. Danielson had the most common sense answer: crimes of violence, such as invasions of home and property, resulting in the destruction of lives. He said there are lots of repeat offenders in this county due to revolving jailhouse doors under Hauge. The prosecutor’s office has forgotten about the victims. Those problems then spill onto other people.


Danielson questioned the use of executive power to stop the death penalty, saying the decision of whether to have the death penalty should be decided by the people and the legislature. Of course, if the governor issues it, he’s bound to obey it, since he is required to follow the law. Scales defended the overreach, saying it is within Inslee's power. Hauge’s response was convoluted and hard to understand, he seemed to try and have it both ways.


Hauge droned on and on about substance abuse, putting everyone to sleep talking about drug court. Scales sounded like an ivory tower professor, talking theoretically, saying we need to “try a variety of options,” to fix the mental health problem, whatever that means. He did point out though, that one problem with the prosecutor’s office is they allow anyone to go through the therapeutic court, including burglars and drug dealers.

Danielson observed that a lot of diversion programs could be used with the mentally ill, drug abusers, etc. He said we tend to look for a magic bullet to solve everything, but there isn't one. Some of these people can't be helped, since they will continue to re-offend.


Scales said he couldn’t find an organizational chart of the office in public records, so he had to put in a request for one. He discovered that there are 18 supervising attorneys, who receive salaries totaling $2.1 million, and only 22 deputy attorneys, with salaries totaling $1.8 million. There were also numerous chief deputies making huge salaries. Instead, there should only be two chief deputies, and not so many supervisory positions. 

Danielson would remove prosecutors from level traffic court, which is pretty menial work. Instead they need to be in district court and superior courtrooms dealing with real problems.

Robinson admitted she didn’t know much about the civil division. She did point out there are problems on the criminal side; the felony early plea unit utilizes three prosecutors who only do that; they could be better used in the trial units, especially for felonies e.g. burglary and assault, where the majority of crimes are.

Hauge admitted he wouldn’t fix any of those issues, would just let them sit. “I like the way it's organized just fine,” he declared. “Everyone carries a full time case load except me.” He admitted the office has cut back on juvenile court by over 50% in the past few years.


Danielson said that vertical prosecution – the practice of assigning only one prosecutor to a case the entire way through - has a lot of value, but it can't be used for every case. There are cases that could really use it, because victims are getting ignored by the prosecutor’s office, especially in crimes against the elderly and those who are susceptible to injury through the actions of others, and financial crimes. They call and they can't get ahold of someone. Robinson agreed that there are cases currently falling through the cracks due to them being transferred from prosecutor to prosecutor. Hauge had nothing to say about it other than defining what vertical prosecution is.


Danielson said there is no one-size-fits-all answer to prosecuting marijuana crimes. The prosecutor’s office has limited resources, and things are different now that marijuana has been legalized. He would reallocate the money to deal with more pressing problems. Although it has to be at the low end of priorities, there is still a danger posed to youth and those susceptible to the lure of drugs. He would focus on prevention and education, and prosecute those who break the law. Robinson said she agrees with Danielson.

Hauge went off on a rant about young people and edible marijuana, then ranted about the legislature and the definitions of marijuana. Scales started muttering about diversion programs in his monotone voice, which put the audience to sleep again.


Scales explained that anyone who had been convicted of simple possession before the law went into effect would have finished a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail by now, so he clarified that there is no need to go back and change any sentences.

Danielson said what much of the public doesn’t understand but prosecutors do: Those pot smokers who are in jail are there for other crimes, not marijuana possession. Regardless, this issue belongs between the court and the person arrested. The prosecutor doesn’t have the power to go back and change the law, nor should we try to. Our duty is to follow the law.


Robinson admitted she hadn’t bothered to read either initiative, which resulted in some wide eyes from the audience. She vaguely and weakly said she’s probably not for increased background checks.

Danielson came out strongly for 591. He said 594 is an old wives’ tale. “There is no ‘gun show loophole’ out there. You've always been able to give and sell guns to a friend or relative. These people just want to further regulate guns. The last thing this government needs is further regulation and red tape. Criminals are going to use guns illegally. The only ones that are hurt are law-abiding citizens.”

Scales started bragging about his background, and completely ducked the question of whether he supported 591 or 594. Hauge, known for being one of the biggest gun-grabbing prosecutors ever, said he supports 594, claiming it takes a reasonable, small step. He asserts he's a gun owner, and that it has been shown that there would be a “marginal” positive effect, but didn’t explain how.


Next, the candidates discussed a recent tragic situation in the county where a child accessed his stepfather’s firearm, accidentally shooting a girl. Hauge charged the stepfather with assault, but the Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decision, saying Hauge cannot charge him with assault since he wasn’t directly involved. The legislature is now considering legislation to make it a crime not to lock up your firearm. Danielson said what the stepdad did was horrible. But where does this end? You leave your keys on your dresser and your child drives off and something bad happens, so do we make leaving your keys on the dresser a crime too? A law isn’t going to change what happened.

Hauge’s response was difficult to understand. He said he wants the legislature to hold off until this case has gone forward. It sounded like he’s not sure, unlike Danielson, who was very clear that a law like this is not going to help. Scales said the problem is the prosecutor charged the stepdad for a crime that doesn't exist. Hauge tried to create one, and the Supreme Court said no, you can't create this. Scales said it was pathetic Hauge did this to make a political point. Robinson agreed that the prosecutor overstepped in charging this crime.


Danielson noted that Hauge likes to discuss his many journeys to Olympia as part of his job, especially how cozy he is with the governor. The prosecutor should best serve the citizens by working within the office on  priorities. Their duty is to work for the residents, to protect them - that's where the prosecutor belongs.

Hauge said the 400% recidivism rate cited by Bruce is inaccurate, but didn’t bother to offer any reason why or evidence to support his claim. He said that Scales doesn’t understand the office structure, and weirdly claimed that all the supervisors aren’t really supervisors.

Scales said Hauge uses affidavits of prejudices with judges to blatantly disqualify judges who have ruled against him, which is an abuse of the prosecutor’s office. It degrades the reputation of the office, and damages the relationship the prosecutor must have with the bench. It should only be used where judges indicate they cannot be fair or impartial.


Danielson reminded the audience that he brought up all these problems about Hauge’s office four years ago, when he ran against Hauge and came close to beating him. The voters decide to give Hauge one more chance. But now we are dealing with the Guild issue, and the fact that Hauge’s stated expert committed unfair labor practices. Danielson would put individuals in the office who would negotiate with the Guild, and give them the contract they've been seeking since 2009.  He would also implement a repeat offenders policy. He would clean up the civil division, which has spent thousands of dollars going after the gun club for 15 years. He would remove the personal animosity elements of the office. It's about being a leader, it's not about being a manager. He would protect the citizens and tax dollars, leading by example with honesty, integrity and forthrightness.

Scales’ closing statement mumbled something about victims. Robinson agreed with Scales that the priority is victims, and noted that currently, victims are being ignored and lost; the current process enables defendants to delay and avoid consequences.

Hauge’s closing statement contained his most arrogant and out-of-touch remarks of the evening. He boasted, “Look at the facts. My opponents describe an office that I'm not familiar with. I have the support of the rest of the justice system because I've earned it. Unfortunately, you're going to have to listen to me or go look for the facts yourselves.”

Kitsap County voters may not be able to agree on Republicans or Democrats or another party, but the one thing they CAN agree on is, after hearing all of these candidates from across the spectrum of political views, is that Hauge needs to go. With his selective prosecution and out of touch arrogance, refusing to improve virtually any part of the office, he has been a terrible prosecutor for the county. No wonder three - not just one - challengers have jumped into the race to replace him.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Conservative Bruce Danielson challenging gun-grabbing prosecutor Russ Hauge in Kitsap County race

Tired of Democrat Russ Hauge's nonstop, 15-year witch hunt against the Kitsap County Rifle & Revolver Range? Fortunately, there is a solution. Bruce Danielson, a friend with solid, impeccable conservative credentials, is running against Hauge for Kitsap County Prosecutor. He barely lost to Hauge last time, and that was with running a bare bones campaign and spending almost nothing. This time, we think he's going to make it. I first wrote about this insane vendetta in 2010. Unbelievably, it is still continuing! I wrote about it again in April. If you value your Second Amendment rights, and the rule of law, please spread the word and volunteer if you live near the area.Visit Bruce's website and learn all about this constitutional conservative, and sign up to endorse him.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seattle Set To Destroy Economy With Highest Minimum Wage Increase In The World

sclsmThe city of Seattle is about to phase in a drastic increase in the minimum wage to $15/hr, thanks to the efforts of its new socialist city councilwoman, Kshama Sawant. Seattle’s far left mayor Ed Murray has now taken up the effort, and it is expected to be passed into law by the city council soon. The increase will affect nearly 100,000 workers, including almost all fast-food workers. Around 30 percent of all jobs in Seattle currently pay less than $15/hr. What is going on is pay-to-pay politics, led by the unions. The losing mayoral candidate, incumbent Mike McGinn, unsuccessfully tried to save his campaign with a union quid pro quo. He received a $100,000 contribution from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 21 last year, coincidentally timed about the same time he came out publicly opposing a new Whole Foods development in West Seattle. Whole Foods does virtually everything the left wants - except they’re non-union. Whole Foods already pays its non-management employees an average of $15/hr, provides excellent benefits and health care, including same-sex benefits, and executive pay is capped. The company routinely makes Fortune’s list of “Best Companies to Work For.” Whole Foods is now the largest natural foods chain in the nation, not exactly a far right type of organization. Even though Whole Foods would be perfect for bohemian West Seattle, the unions take the approach, “Either you’re union, or we will go after you and destroy you.” They have a stranglehold on the local politicians in Seattle.

Read the rest of the article at Townhall

Monday, April 21, 2014

Prosecutor’s Targeting of Gun Range Exec Enters 15th Year

Marcus Carter has always generously let me shoot his guns at no charge.
Marcus Carter has always generously let me shoot his guns at no charge.

It has been three and a half years since I first covered the case of a Washington State prosecutor targeting Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club (KRRC) Executive Officer Marcus Carter. Unbelievably, Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Hauge, a Democrat, has still not stopped his witch hunt, even though his waste of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for almost 15 years has resulted in no convictions against Carter. As someone who has been targeted for years by zealous, well-connected prosecutors because of my conservative political views, I have taken a keen interest in this case.

Elected prosecuting attorneys are connected to powerful members of the State Bar, judges and other government officials. Hauge also is a former president of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. While most judges generally won’t side against Carter – evidenced by the 15 judicial decisions in his favor because the charges are so ridiculous – they are hesitant to question or discipline one of their own. 

It all appears to stem from an incident that happened at KRRC back in 1999. Hauge originally was a guest instructor on the law for the personal protection classes. At the same time, he was involved in a high-profile prosecution of a man who used a gun in self-defense. After the jury unanimously found the man innocent, Hauge insisted on taking up two classes trying to justify the poor decision to prosecute and wasted resources in such a clearly justifiable case of self defense.

Read the rest of the article at Townhall

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sen. Pam Roach once again hosts legislative day at the range!

It's that time of year! Pam Roach, who is one of a few brave conservatives in the Washington legislature, organizes a legislative day at the range every year that just took place. How cool is that? Our March issue of Western Shooting Journal will feature Assemblyman Brian Jones of the California legislature, who also organizes a legislative day at the range every year. Click here for the story by Dave Workman.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Western Shooting Journal joins sister magazine Northwest Sportsman at the Washington Sportsmen's Show this week!

Washington Sportsmens Show
Western Shooting Journal is excited to accompany our sister hunting and fishing magazine Northwest Sportsman Jan. 22-26 in Puyallup, Wash., at the Washington Sportsmen's Show. Northwest Sportsman will be at booth 971 where you can get subscription specials with premiums such as knives, sunglasses, or the first-ever Real Women of Northwest Fishing calendar! I will be conducting live video interviews with those in the hunting and fishing industries. Please stop by and say hello.

Sportsmen’s shows are always a great chance to meet guides, charters, gear and boat manufacturers, fish and wildlife personnel and others, plan 2014 trips, catch up with friends, get free back issues of Northwest Sportsman magazine, and just walk the halls amongst fellow hunters and anglers.

Click here for more information on this show. For more information from Northwest Sportsman about this and other upcoming sportsmen's shows, click here.