Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kitsap County Commissioners: Stop the topless baristas now!

The half-naked young women working as baristas in coffeeshops aren't cute or funny. They are a disgrace to our family communities and the children who inevitably encounter them. It is sad to do this to our children who are too young to be exposed to this kind of behavior. Some areas in Washington have wisely banned the offensive nudity. Not Bremerton. When citizens complained to the Kitsap County Commissioners about the nudity, the Commissioners shrugged them off.

We're not going to let them off the hook so easily. Please call or email each Commission member, pictured below, here and demand that they stop this nudity from taking place at regular coffee shops in our city. There is no excuse for allowing decency standards in our community to sink this low. Shame on the Commissioners for ignoring the people. Do they really care about our children or do they only care when it comes to some new liberal government program? If they do not take action, we will continue to hammer them until they do.