Monday, December 9, 2013

Indoctrination in Washington's public schools

High School Sex Ed Indoctrination Reaching Dangerous Levels

I was astonished recently when one of my stepdaughters arrived home from public high school in Washington state with a red ribbon painted on her cheek. Sex education in the schools – which conservatives have tried to limit to abstinence-only – has now gone well beyond simple education. Today's students are being coerced into promoting and acting out the politically correct views taught them. It is being done so sneakily, using the authoritative stamp of approval by the public schools, that even my conservatively raised children were cajoled into participating.
There was no way to pull your child out of the day-long event. The entire school “celebrated” HIV/AIDs Awareness.” A student group formed to educate other students about AIDs was responsible for putting on the event, and took over the front part of the school with tables and displays. On the tables were baskets of mint-flavored condoms, and students working the tables encouraged others passing by to take them.
Every few seconds, a loud gong would sound and someone would announce, “Every 12 seconds, someone is infected with AIDs, and every 16 seconds, someone dies from AIDs.” The windows throughout the school were covered with HIV/AIDs awareness messages and posters were plastered on the walls. Almost every light throughout the hallways was turned off for further dramatic effect. The main staircase inside the school was covered with red ribbons. There was a giant wheel that students were encouraged to spin in order to see what disease they would contract. Students were lured into spinning it with the promise of a prize.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My interview with the NRA's Cam & Co. about Obamacare and gun control

Monday, October 21, 2013

Watch Your Guns Around Obamacare

What does gun control have to do with health care? As odd as it seems, Obamacare contains provisions that jeopardize gun ownership, especially for veterans. Anti-gun provisions were added to initial drafts of Obamacare legislation under the pretext of prohibiting people with mental illness – which can include PTSD - from owning guns. Fortunately, the NRA stepped in and got some of the worst language revised last December. Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c.prohibits the creation of a firearms database and stops doctors from disclosing or collecting information relating to a patient’s firearms. Ironically, this provision was probably the only positive result of most members of Congress not bothering to read the bill before voting on it.
However, the provision does not go as far as prohibiting doctors from asking their patients if there are any firearms in their home. In January, Obama issued 23 executive actions and orders regarding firearms. Order 16 stressed that Obamacare does not prohibit doctors from asking patients about their firearms, and the fact sheet includes, “Clarify that no federal law prevents health care providers from warning law enforcement authorities about threats of violence.” What constitutes a “threat of violence” could be very arbitrary. This puts doctors in a difficult position by suggesting they act as pseudo-law enforcement agents. It is damaging to doctor-patient privilege. If doctors have a patient with PTSD or mental illness, and they fail to ask the patient about their firearms, or report them to law enforcement, they could be on the hook later. It encourages them to err on the side of snooping into their patients’ guns. This is especially troubling considered the definition of mental illness keeps expanding.
The state of Florida implemented legislation that would have severely restricted a doctor’s ability to ask a patient about guns at home, but a federal court struck it down as unconstitutional. After the NRA got that provision added, the organization backed off on pressing for further changes, no doubt because trying to get more changes done at that time would have been impossible with the Democratic-controlled Senate and presidency. But there are still areas within our healthcare laws that could prohibit Americans from owning firearms – specifically our veterans.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Washington PTA eyes gun control advocacy

By Dave Workman

When the Washington State PTA gathers for its Legislative Assembly Oct. 18-19 at the SeaTac Marriott, one of the issues it apparently will address has nothing to do with the Three R’s, but with “GR” —gun rights — as they consider a proposal to “initiate and/or support legislation or policies” regarding background checks on firearms.
Examiner learned of this issue Friday from a member of the Northwest Firearms forum, where a lively discussion is now in progress. That member is a parent of a kindergarten student. A check of the Washington PTA website revealed that the proposal was submitted Aug. 27 with the explanation that extending background checks to all gun purchases is a step that can be taken to “make our kids safer.”

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Annual Northwest Freedom Shootout tomorrow

Western Shooting Journal friend and contributor Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation has a great writeup on this exciting event tomorrow!

It’s going to be a noisy afternoon and evening at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club near Olympia tomorrow when the Freedom Foundation hosts the first annual Northwest Freedom Shootout, an event that promises to attract gun rights activists and serious shooters from throughout the Puget Sound region.

Read the rest of his writeup at The Examiner

Friday, April 12, 2013

Is getting worked up over Senate gun control bill for naught?

by Dave Workman, The Examiner

Are gun rights activists getting all worked up over nothing, now that the U.S. Senate has voted to open debate on new gun control legislation that focuses on expanded background checks?

Pacific Northwest gun owners are engaged in furious discussions at Northwest Firearms and Seattle Guns, along with the national debates on Gun Rights Media and The High Road (here and here) forums. But is all of this for naught? Should these gun activists be burning up their emotions over a vote just to open debate?

How many people have actually read the compromise bill unveiled by Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey?

Anger was ripe against several Republicans including Second Amendment stalwart Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) who voted to allow the debate to begin. While the National Rifle Association promised to record their votes, one might step back and ponder this: How else will gun owners learn how their senators feel about gun rights without allowing them to debate and vote on the record, on particular measures sure to come up in the days ahead?   Read the rest of the article at The Examiner

State GOP's AR-15 auction unites far left fury

by Dave Workman, The Examiner

Liberal anti-gun readers of the Seattle Times and Seattle are having fits over the announcement that the State Republican Party will auction an AR-15 during this weekend’s annual fund raising banquet.

The event kicks off with a silent auction beginning at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at the Bellevue Hilton, followed by the live auction and dinner beginning at 7 o’clock, according to State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur. He was filling in all week on KVI for vacationing John Carlson. This was like an old home week for Wilbur, who used to occupy the morning drive slot on KVI before a former program manager made the monumentally wrong decision to not renew his contract.

Instead of sending Wilbur into a professional gulag, Wilbur successfully ran for the Republican Party chairmanship and won. Now when he fills in on the air, it’s the best of both worlds for the politically active Wilbur, and tens of thousands of KVI listeners who miss the days when he and Carlson dominated Seattle talk radio.   Read the rest of the article at The Examiner

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wash. state legislators not passing gun control legislation; went shooting on gun range instead

Photo of Senator Pam Roach (R) courtesy of KOMO News
 by Dave Workman

This morning’s Seattle Times website had, as its lead story, Thursday’s shooting session for state lawmakers at an Olympia-area gun range, an event that has heightened meaning this year with the tsunami of anti-gun legislation that has been proposed across the landscape.

Washington State gun rights have essentially remained intact while gun laws adopted elsewhere in a rush by gun prohibitionists in Colorado, Connecticut and New York are of questionable constitutionality and potential effectiveness, say gun rights advocates. As this column reported, the National Shooting Sports Foundation – ironically headquartered in Newtown, Conn., not far from Sandy Hook Elementary – is already hinting at a possible legal challenge to laws signed yesterday by Gov. Dannel Malloy.   Read the rest of the article at The Examiner Read the KOMO News article

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Washington: Freedom Prevails in Olympia – Anti-Gun Legislation Dead for 2013

The fate of the so-called “universal background check” legislation and your rights came down to the wire.  House Bill 1588 failed to come up for a vote on the House floor.

The following anti-gun bills are also dead for this session:
  • House Bill 1676, introduced by state Representative Ruth Kagi (D-32), a so-called “child access prevention” bill which would have singled out the storage of firearms for criminalization under certain circumstances.
  • House Bill 1703, introduced by state Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), would have levied an outrageous tax on all firearm and ammunition purchases to create more bureaucracy in the form of a “firearm safety” education program.
  • Senate Bill 5737, introduced by state Senators Ed Murray (D-43) and Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-36), would have banned commonly owned firearms mischaracterized as “assault weapons” and magazines that hold more than ten rounds.  This extreme measure would have also allowed in-home inspections by law enforcement

Read the rest of the article at Ammoland

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I will be on Tacoma's KLAY Morning Show Thursday to discuss Western Shooting Journal, gun control

I will be a guest on Craig Thorne's KLAY Morning Show Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m. PST to talk about Western Shooting Journal and the latest gun legislation. How is Western Shooting Journal different from other gun magazines? What kind of topics do we cover? What's coming up in our April issue? How can you contribute to the magazine? I will provide an update on the latest status of gun control efforts around the country. So far, New York and Colorado have passed gun control laws since the Sandy Hook shooting. Listen to the podcast here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Contentious Gun Bill Fails to Pass Washington State House

A bill that would have extended background checks to private gun sales failed to make it out of the Washington State House of Representatives last week.

A similar Senate bill (5737, which can be read here), in an early version referenced possible annual home inspections by law enforcement, but was corrected, removing that provision, before it was introduced. The corrected version never received a reading on the Senate floor, Senate staff told Patch.   Read the rest of the article at Edmonds Patch

Monday, March 4, 2013

I will be on the Austin Hill Show Tuesday morning discussing the left's current gun control efforts

If you're up early Tuesday morning, and want to hear what community organizers are doing in Idaho and other states to implement gun control, check out my interview as editor of Western Shooting Journal on Austin Hill's Idaho show. 6:35am PST (9:35am EST) here to listen to NewsRadio KINF 99.1 FM live. Click here to check out Western Shooting Journal and subscribe (only $1.89/mth online).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow Western Shooting Journal on Pinterest for cool gun photos

Western Shooting Journal is now on Pinterest, and we're pinning the coolest gun related photos out there. Pinterest only takes a couple of minutes to join and it's free. Due to copyright, we can't post a lot of these neat photos on the blog, but it's acceptable to "pin" them on Pinterest so come find us there and join in the fun.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Washington Republican legislator votes with Democrats to authorize bill leading to gun registration

Washington State Rep. Mike Hope (R) has crossed party lines to vote in favor of HB 1588, which would require background checks on all gun sales, including private party gun sales. His vote enabled the bill to pass 7-6 out of the House Judiciary Committee, where it will now proceed to the full House for a vote. The NRA believes this will create a state list of gunowners, making it easier to ultimately ban guns down the road. Hope, a Seattle Police Officer, formerly had an A+ rating with the NRA. Hope even admits that there is the potential of creating a registration database with this bill. Republicans control the Washington Senate; let's hope cooler minds prevail there.

Read more from Crosscut
Read the NRA's press release

Monday, February 11, 2013

Washington state capitol welcomes firearms

Some excerpts from the article in the San Francisco Chronicle -

Washington's Capitol is one of the few in the country with no restrictions on firearms. Over the years, the state Legislature has proved a friendly place for gun rights. A majority of Washington state lawmakers get high marks from the National Rifle Association, the nation's dominant pro-gun lobby, according to Project Vote Smart, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research group. When gun-rights supporters rallied in Olympia on Friday, a woman's protest sign was confiscated when she tried to enter the statehouse, while a man carrying a rifle walked in with no problem. State officials said signs aren't allowed because they take up too much room. At least one lawmaker in the past apparently thought carrying a gun helped him get a bill passed. Of the 42 states that responded to the survey, only Washington, Texas and Kentucky indicated they had no restrictions on carrying weapons at their capitols.

Read the rest of the article

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stop this gun control bill from passing the Washington state legislature

Washington state nears deal on gun background checks 

Washington lawmakers are beginning to coalesce around a plan that would expand the state’s laws on gun background checks, providing hope for supporters after years of failed efforts.

Read the rest of the article at the Yakima Herald 

Examiner article 

The bill would require all people privately selling firearms to friends or family to pay a $20 fee to have a gun dealer or law enforcement agency process the request with absolutely no guarantee of timely processing either. Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders who are exempt from having to undergo background checks when purchasing from a licensed dealer would now be required to pay the fee and wait as well despite going through the extensive FBI check to obtain the CPL in the first place. The bill, written by Representatives Jamie Pederson (D), has picked up 36 sponsors including Republican Mike Hope from the 44th district. The bill is scheduled for a hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee this Wednesday, February 13 at 8 a.m. Four of the bill's sponsors are currently committee members.

 Read the rest of the article at The Examiner with contact information to contact the state legislators

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Thoughtful Look at the Marijuana Legalization Trend

Society is gradually becoming more liberal – or libertine – in many ways, and one of the latest trends is the gradual legalization of marijuana in one state after another. This past election, voters approved marijuana for legal (recreational) use in Colorado and Washington. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational or medicinal use in 13 states, with more states to consider it soon. 15 million Americans are regular users of marijuana, a little over 5% of of the population. It seems problematic to criticize its legalization from a logical perspective considering alcohol, another psychoactive substance, is legal. If it is acceptable to legalize alcohol, why not marijuana? Libertarians particularly have a problem with the distinction, which seems inconsistent and arguably a restraint upon freedom.
Legalizing marijuana is not so black and white of a decision as its supporters claim. Marijuana legalization proponents claim that marijuana is not dangerous like alcohol. The facts reveal otherwise. 15 percent of shock-trauma patients who were injured in car accidents had marijuana in their blood, and another 17 percent had both marijuana and alcohol in their blood. 33% of fatally injured drivers who were tested for drug use had drugs in their system; 3,952 drivers total in 2009. Marijuana is the second most commonly found psychoactive substance among drivers after alcohol. In 2009, 376,000 emergency room visits nationwide involved marijuana.
There is a strong correlation between marijuana use and crime. 60% of those arrested across the U.S. test positive for marijuana. This isn't just crime related to drug use, there is a positive correlation between chronic marijuana use and increased risk of violent behavior. In fact, there is a stronger correlation between property crimes and frequent marijuana use than there is with alcohol use or other illegal drug use, particularly among teenagers. A study of postal workers found that employees who tested positive for marijuana had 55% more accidents, 85% more injuries and a 75% increase in being absent from work.