Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kitsap Sun endorses gun-grabbing Democrat prosecutor Russ Hauge for reelection, residents furious

Incumbent Russ Hauge
Conservative Bruce Danielson
Unbelievable. I grew up in this county, and for the last 15 years, this covered last week in a candidate forum, Russ Hauge is a terrible prosecutor who needs to be booted out of office. Read about his 15-year vendetta against the gun club which I wrote about here. Even the Kitsap Sun admits all the problems with his office, so why did they still endorse him? Very odd. Support conservative Bruce Danielson instead. The establishment is not supporting him, especially the establishment lawyers - which tells you everything you need to know. Here are some of the better comments after the article:

cdwh14 Hours Ago
Kitsap Sun - I can only figure that your lack of investigative reporting is the basis of your endorsement of Hauge. How about a little reporting on the lack of a contract for the Sheriff's Deputies? How about some explanation to the public on what Title V is? Where is the outrage over a current deputy prosecutor with two DUI arrests (the second with her kids in the car and she crashed into another car), how about an explanation over the fact that the citizens of Kitsap County elect judges, and then when Hauge gets a ruling that he doesn't like, he files a blanket affidavit of prejudice against that judge to teach them a lesson. So in essence, he eliminates your vote when he has a tantrum over a judge's decision. He believes that he is a higher level of government and can trump other elected officials that we all vote for. And 15 years going after that gun club? Who cares!?! An office that can wield that much power is not the office for someone who can maintain a 15 year grudge. He is out of touch with reality! Sun Reporters - he can not affidavit you - you do not need to be afraid of him.

33 Minutes Ago
Danielson being rated as "unqualified" is a farce strategically done by Hauge subordinate deputy prosecutors who also belong to the KBA. Bruce is an attorney with 30 years of law practice. GOOD GRIEF!!

11 Hours Ago
What about the feud with Hauge and his neighbor over property views? What was the final out come?
10 Hours Ago
The neighbor (a non-lawyer) won handily. The adversary was slapped down and made to suffer the public humilation. Do you think that the Sun purposely omitted this tidbit of legal woe, which was prominent in the news at the time, regarding their endorsement? But of course.

15 Hours Ago
When more than 50% of Mr. Hauge's cash campaign contributions come from his subordinate employees and their spouses (questionable ethics at best), the Kitsap Sheriff Deputies Guild just came out with an 'anti-Hauge' endorsement decision (no contract in 4 years), Hauge has persecuted Marcus Carter for 15 years (and then goes after the club too), allows DCD to run amuck of citizen's rights with Title V, employs a revolving jail house door strategy for repeat offenders in Kitsap County, and even this week the public finding out that the Prosecutor's office is subcontracting with a firm that uses their logo to threaten people over $50 bounced checks... and the Kitsap Sun endorses him. WOW!! Just WOW!!

1 Hour Ago
HAHAHA! The KS editorial board thinks the current prosecutor can "balance existing operations and staff with the need renew the community's trust?" Oh, you crack me up! The current prosecutor has had HOW MANY YEARS to keep public trust? And he's failed! Badly. And worse every year. And you think he can renew that trust? You live in a fantasy world.

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